RepTime makes it easy and rewarding to track commissions paid for your orders.

Never lose a commissions on hard earned sales. Easily post orders in RepTime
and ensure each purchase order to have a commission paid.

Manage Order Commissions and Invoice Data

Easily track your orders to ensure you are getting commissions for each PO transmitted to the Manufacturer, using the right tools to manually enter commission statements or import them via Microsoft Excel. Learn More

Run Salesperson Commission Statements To Pay

Easily run sales rep commission statements to pay them for the purchase orders written in their territory. Maintain full tracking of orders paid to reps and view outstanding commissions anytime.

Manage Check Logs for Commissions Paid

Track each check received by your manufacturers and manage the dates commissions will be paid on the check. Also have quick balance reports to find discrepancies in amount paid versus commissions posted.

List of more Features and Services

Run Commission Balance Reports

Balance the commissions paid by the manufacturer with the commissions posted in RepTime to ensure all orders are tracked.

Add Direct Orders during Commission Entry

Instantly add direct orders that are sent by the customer to the manufacturer and you need to record it in your database.

Process Credits and Chargebacks on Paid Orders

Maintain proper deductions by inputting credits and chargebacks on paid commissions to sales reps.

Add Misc Adjustments to Commission Statements

Add misc adjustments to increase or decrease commission payment to sales rep. For example add bonuses or deduct software fees to the entire payment.

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